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"One of the few newsletters I consistently read. Linda's actionable insights paired with no-BS style of writing makes me look forward to reading each new release.

Come for the product lessons, stay for the incredible career advice."
Hassan El Mghari
"Most insightful product & career lessons out there - highly recommend reading & purchasing anything she creates!

Not only does she write a kickass newsletter - she genuinely cares about her audience."
mika reyes
PM & Entrepreneur
"The content quality is excellent: it's topical, well-grounded, and thought-provoking.

However, it's taken to the next level with your writing style. I've shared it with other Product leaders I work with."
Matt barnett
"Linda has the magical ability of choosing topics that are exactly what I need to hear.

Whether you are a PM, designer or technical lead, you'll find valuable insights. Subscribing is an absolute must for anyone working on product.
marissa goldberg
Head of Product
"Linda's posts are to the point, actionable and thought-provoking. One of the few newsletters I'm not bored of as a designer.

Plus she’s always super appreciative and genuine to questions and comments. Really glad I found her newsletter!"
Sandor gyuri
"Product Lessons offers actionable advice and real-world examples for product folks at all levels - from Associate PM to Director of Product.

I’m constantly sharing and discussing Linda's articles with my product teams."
Tyler fuller
"This is a wealth of knowledge for people navigating a career in product. Also includes tips on how to become an irreplaceable team member in any role.

If you’re looking to take your career to the next level, make sure to subscribe!"
Sean cheng
Aspiring PM

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